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How to find funding for a nursing agency staffing business

Start A Nursing Agency Business with NursePartners

  • Do your customers does not pay on financial terms?
  • Do you decline request for your nurses, pharmacist, doctors because you do not have the funds or credit?
  • Are you short in funds trying to reimburse traveling nurses?
  • Are you looking for a financial partner>

If you say "yes" to at least one of these questions, then maybe the answer is Factoring Commercial services for your medical staffing recruiting company. Good credit and good working capital is the key to success in operating and growing your business. You simply must have the financing partner that gives you the quickest access to cash.

Find a factoring commercial services that caters to small and mid-sized companies.

What is the definitions of commercial factoring services for nursing agency.?

Commercial factoring is a process where a factor - the company that purchases your invoices and receivables - provides your business with the advance payment up front. As a third-party, the factor eliminates the sale-to-collection 30, 60 or even 90 day delay. The advance payment you receive from the factor is typically less a small discount (around 10%) of the total invoice. When using commercial factoring, it is important that your customers have good debt records and regularly pay their invoices on time. It is not a good situation for your business or your factor if the receivables cannot be collected at the end of the term.

The 3 Main Advantages

  • Immediate Cash/No Waiting. You can receive quick payment following shipment, delivery and invoicing (less than 24 hours in some cases) to generate cash much sooner than if you collect the money on your own.
  • Analysis of customers' creditworthiness. Prior to purchasing your invoice, a factor conducts a credit analysis on the client you are invoicing to determine the risk. You are entitled to the resulting analysis and can assist you in your future business dealings with that customer/client.
  • You are not borrowing money. Again, the cash advanced is based on your client's credit status, not yours. You may qualify for factoring even if you are a young company without an established track record, have a tax lien, or even declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Some of the services offered can include: Same Day Funding; Daily Reporting; No Term Contracts; Free Credit / Collections Services. What commercial factoring could mean to your company:

  • Gain working capital without adding debt or diluting equity.
  • Take advantage of early payment discounts from suppliers.
  • Purchase equipment that will increase profitability.
  • Protect and improve credit ratings.
  • Increase sales through credit extensions.

Start A Nursing Agency Business with NursePartners

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