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School Nurse Job Description

Do you want to be a school nurse? Most school nurses are registered nurse, advance degrees rnís.  On some occasions, school district hires lpn's.

The job description for a school nurses is to educate parents, students about healthy living, wellness, and keeping track of the healthcare needs of students. The school nurse job can be especially challenging if the school has a program for special needs kids.  The school nurse must enjoy helping the mentally and physically challenge students to become more independent and she must assist these special needs student to be push their utmost abilities. School nurse plays a very important role in making these happens.

 As the needs of students, especially special needs students have become more complex; the job descriptions of school nursing have broadened.  School nurses are involved in emergency situations, emergency planning for the school, and students in crisis, crisis management, and treatment and medication management.

 School nurse must assist or develop the guidelines for school emergency situations such as minor healthcare needs or the more serious ones like individual health care plans for students with chronic illness or serious food allergies.  When a student takes scheduled medication for their illness such as asthma, diabetesí the school nurse make sure it is taken correctly.

 A typical day for a school nurse.

School nurse must deal with:

  • School nurse must deal with school hazards
  • School nurse must deal with school health emergency planning
  • School nurse must deal with students medications and special health needs
  • School nurse must deal with psycho-social problems such as anxiety issues, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, and unplanned pregnancy.
  • School  nurse must deal with staff training and must be active in committees, especially that deals with the healthcare needs of students

School Nurse Nursing Practice Levels

Most states require a four year degree in nursing and must be licensed through the state board of teaching and must hold a current rn's registration and license.


Most school nurses serve multiples schools therefore the school nurse must be efficient in her time management.  Some school districts hire healthcare assistants under the supervision of license school nurse. The healthcare assistants can be other RNís, LPNís and they serve as special education paraprofessionals.  School nurse career as school nurse health services providers makes a difference for young people, especially special needs students.



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