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Hospitals in A Recession, Bad Economy is a boom to Medical Nursing Staffing Agency Services.

Recession afflicting hospitals

Patient counts are falling and unpaid bills are rising.

Last year hospitals are  enjoying almost full capacity, its beds filled with patients from the aging baby boomers. Business was so awesome that most healthcare facilities planning of expansion to meet the demands.

With the economy in bad shape and the foreseen recession resulted in increase unemployment and  mass lay off, and therefore insurance memberships decline.

Then the tightened credit, therefore expansion was put on hold for the time being.

Hospitals patients numbers have decline and bed are not being filled.

But a freeze-up in the nation's financial markets has compounded their woes. Although most hospitals operate as nonprofits, they are capital-intensive businesses that rely heavily on credit markets to finance big-ticket investment in new wards, surgical suites and costly diagnostic technology. Several hospitals, operating on razor-thin margins, have seen interest rates on their debt soar in the last six months even as millions of dollars evaporated from their investment portfolios.

"This has been a very, very rough year for the Healthcare Hospitals and Long term care facilities,"

Minnesota hospitals aren't alone. Last month Moody's Investors Service revised its outlook for the nation's not-for-profit health care sector from stable to negative, citing falling surgical volumes and rising charity care and bad debt.

For a lot of  hospitals, the decline in business have resulted in cost cutting and finding ways to save money. Some hospitals are outsourcing their employment needs to medical, nursing staffing agency to cut employment benefits.

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