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Policy and Procedures Manual for your medical staffing agency, nursing agency, nurse agency.

In some states the nursing agency policy and procedures manual is required to operate a nursing agency business. The nursing policy and procedure usually involves two sections. One section is for the nursing agency registry employees and the other section is the standards operations of the nursing agency business. A copy of nursing agency policy and procedure manual must be available upon request to all members, employees, subcontractors and the governing bodies of your business. In Illinois for example, nursing agency policy and procedure manual is required to apply for a nursing agency registry license. The policy and procedures must address personal interviews, reference checks, annual evaluations, health exams, cpr certifications and orientations.  A good characteristics of a nursing agency policy and procedure must contain:

  • Standards for operation of nursing agency business

  • Employees and sub contractor Records.

  • Name and address  verification of identity by means of drivers license, or other valid appropriate identification which include a photograph. 

  • Written verification from the professional regulation indicating the professional license is varied.

  • Dates and places for employment and references.

  • Verified certification requirements. 5.) Continuing verifications of requirements

  • Evaluations forms.

  • Nursing agency staffing responsibilities

  • Clients responsibilites

  • Billing Procedures

  • Insurance

  • Indemnification

Also, your nursing agency policy and procedure manual shall provide documents to allow compliance with existing regulations of the regulating bodies of your business. Breaking nursing agency and policy manual requirements can mean fines or suspension of the nursing agency license.

A nursing agency needs two separate policy and procedure. One for its employees and subcontractors and the other for its nursing agency clients such as hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and other healthcare facilities. These two must be separate. Most states requires nursing agency, medical staffing agency, and nursing registry policy and procedure in order to apply for a business license.



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