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Nursing agency registry business guide.


Nursing agency documents and forms
Homecare documents and forms
Consulting support system.
Nursing agency affiliate program.
Nursing agency webdesign
Back end office support
Nursing agency news
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Start A Nursing Agency Registry Business Program,SBN: 0-9743216-0-5 Updated for 2015
Our Nursing agency registry program cover these topics:  ISBN: 0-9743216-0-5

No money to start.

Private and public souces of funds for start up and business payroll.

How much to price your services, and how much to pay your employees or subcontractors.

How to choose the best name for your nursing agency business and how to apply  for licensure, permits and certifications.


Nursing agency business plan guide.

Effective recruiting techniques.

Doing business outside your home base state - Traveling Nurses.

Advantage and disadvantage of franchise operations.

O.S.H.A.- Occupational Safety and Health.

Immigration laws and compliance.

The nursing agency market. 

JCAHO Accreditation.

Billing procedures and invoicing our clients.

Sponsoring and hiring procedure for nurses to work in the US. (Philippines.)

Types of office supplies needed for the business.

Profit margins in the nursing agency registry business.

Difference between an employee and subcontractor.

Business legal operation: Sole proprietorships,  Partnerships, Corporation, Limited Liability company (LLC.)

Nursing staffing agency business software. Recommended software.

How to obtain contracts from healthcare facilities.

Is home office or front office suitable for this business?

Effective nursing registry advertising techniques.

Types of computer and business software needed. Not needed if budget is low.
Our Nursing Agency Registry program also include these editable forms:
Sample full length contract agreement between your business and the healthcare facility.
Sample full length contract agreement between your business and your employees/contractors.
Sample independent contractor agreement between you as Ind. Contractor and healthcare facility.
Retainer search fee agreement.
Contingency search fee agreement.

Consulting fee sharing agreement.

Homecare health services agreement. Bonus
Job Order Form.
Nursing Agency Registry business plan format.
General  (RN's & LPN /  LVN's) Skills Check List .
Nursing Agency Policy and Procedure for the nursing agency business. (standards for operation of nursing registry, application for employment, assignment, and referrals, prerequisites for employment, assignment, and referral, continuing verifications of license personnel, and evaluation forms. Sample.
Nursing Agency Policy and Procedure for your employees, subcontractors. Sample.
IRS forms.
Sample of business letters. (i.e; Rate increase letter.)
Sample of time card and schedules.
Sample of Invoices. Includes Plug-n-Use Invoice Software in excel format.
Background check consent form.
Medication error report
Hepatitis B Vaccination, blood borne pathogens. Per O.S.H.A regulations that all healthcare workers must be offered a Hepatitis B Vaccination.
Tuberculin form.
Job descriptions for RNs, LPNs/LVNs, Nursing Assistants.
Nursing Assistant (NA/R, CNA) Checklist for Pre-Employment Competency Assessment.
Medical Secretary Checklist for Competency Assessment.
Sample of Job/Employment Application.
Phone Numbers and website of recommended insurance companies.
Competency test.
Specialize Nursing Skills Checklist (Critical Care, ER, Labor & Delivery, Medical & Surgical, NICU, Peds. Required in some states.
Emergency Preparedness for Healthcare Worker & Exam. Federal Requirements.
Life Span Appropriate Test. Accreditation requirements.
Patient & Provider Agreements. Federal Requirements.
Mask Waiver Form.
Health Statement. Annual Federal Requirements.
Many Other Needed Forms for Nursing Agency Business.
Homecare documents and forms. (Optional)  ISBN: 0-9743216-2-1
Homecare advance directive and medical decisions.
Care Plan For Homecare.
Case Manager Admission Nursing Data Collection Form.
Checklist for Client Admission Process.

Client Consent To Release Information.

Client Acknowledgements.
Confidential Policy.
Denial of Medicare A Skilled Home Facility Coverage.
Diet Orders Form.
Discharging Against Medical Advice.
Doctors Order Sheet.
Guidelines for Clients about his/her PCA.
Health Documentation.
Homecare Discharge Information Checklist.
Homemaker and PCA Time Slip and Report.
Homecare contract service agreement.
Intake and output record.
Medication record monitoring form.
Monitoring mood and behavior record form.
Nurses notes form.
Pain evaluation form.
PCA job description and employment requirements.
PCA specific job functions and responsibilities.
PCA Care Plan.
Personnel record and orientation checklist.
Physicians Telephone Order Form.
Self Administration of Medications Form.
Review of clients Bill of Rights.
Sample Brochure for Homecare Services.
Scale for predicting skin pressure risk.
Sexual Harassment Policy for employees or subcontractors.
Sexual Harassment Policy for Client.
Telephone Order Sheet.
Treatment Monitoring Record.
Weekly Homemaker Report.
When to call 911..
When to call the supervising Nurse.
Our  Nursing Agency Registry  business start up guide can put you to fast track of success. Meticulously researched and backed by 15 years of combined experience of  NursePartners.  Our guides take you step by step through every aspect of the start up process. It's like having a start up expert with you every step of the way.  Starting a nursing agency Registry business or how to be an independent nurse contractor takes a lot of legal know how and time for research. Our program also minimizes your learning curve due to trial and error.  Purchasing this manual will offers tips and guidelines in starting your dream and also includes one (1) year of FREE Consulting Service vial email and telephone with the owners of NursePartners.

To protect your privacy and security, we use the latest security protection for all transactions.  All orders are process within 24 hours Via USPS Mail.

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