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Consulting for entrepreneurs, establish nursing agencies and  healthcare professionals in starting and finding solutions to the nursing agency registry business ....... Own by and operated by nurses.


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Start A Nursing Agency Registry Business Program,  Updated for 2014
Nursing Agency Affiliate Program.

With purchase of the Nursing Agency Guide your company are instantly affiliated with NursePartners.

NursePartners Affiliate Program:
Your company must hold the necessary requirements to be a healthcare recruiting firm such as insurances and business licenses. Our guide will teach you "how."
Your company is completely independent from NursePartners. This affiliate program is not mandatory.
NursePartners will assist your company in placing your candidates for a split fee commission. (40/60)
Your company is not obligated to share candidates with NursePartners.

For example:  Let's say you have a pharmacist candidate  and the pharmacist wanted to move to a different state or just to a different healthcare company. If  your company are unable to place your  candidate and NursePartners successfully place your candidate for $90,000.00 per year and  If  NursePartners negotiated 20% commission with a healthcare facility, then the commission total is $18,000.00. Your company receives $10,800.00 in commission and NursePartners receives $7200.00. 

To protect your privacy and security, we use the latest security protection for all transactions.

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