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Nursing Assistant and Home health aide Competency Exam for Nursing Agencies and Registries

The Nursing Assistant and Home Health Aide Competency, Certification, and Licensure Exam is offered to qualified candidates seeking placement on the Department of Health Registry, as required for employment in most nursing homes, nursing registries, nursing agencies, and home healthcare agencies.

State and federal laws require that most candidates for testing have completed a state-approved Nursing Assistant or Home Health Aide training program as required by the governing state. The competency exam includes a written portion and hands-on demonstration of nursing assistant skills and abilities. The exam is usually scheduled by registration or online

Bring with you to exam:
Verification of completion of State approved Nursing Assistant or Home Health Aide training of 75 hours or more within past two years
Application for Competency Evaluation (signed and given to you by your instructor)
Two forms of identification (one must be picture ID)
#2 pencil
Balance of fee.

Specialized Training for Acute Care Settings This training should give Nursing Assistants
the skills needed to work in acute care settings in hospitals, extended care facilities,
and hospices. Course work consists of lecture, lab, and supervised clinical experience.
Learning objectives for acute care nursing assistants include:
Management of devices used in acute care
Role of the CNA in the acute care setting
& positioning in an acute care setting
Medical terminology
Caring for patients with wounds (e.g. IVs &
Infection Control
Nursing assistant's role in an emergency
Basic anatomy
Collecting specimens
Health literacy
Intermittent catheterization
Care of patient with indwelling catheter
Cultural diversity
Restraints & alternative measures
Communication & delegation
Care of the patient with a gastrostomy
Professional boundaries
Pain & comfort
Prerequisite: Must be a Registered Nursing



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