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Non medical and medical home health care business outlook

It is no secret that age baby boomers demand for the non medical and medical and companionship are only going to increase, but what we have come to learn is a good percentage of  the home care business is just not for the elderly.  People who have suffered short and permanent injuries, new mothers who needs assistance and education in caring for their new babies, the hospice terminally ill patients.

In this ever-evolving marketplace, the non medical and medical home healthcare business owner main focus is to be the in the forefront of the personal care giving industry. The home health care business owner must not be outdated to its approach to the non medical and medical business industry.  The  home healthcare agency must be join organizations, communities, subscribe to trade magazines related to non medical and medical healthcare industry to be abreast with the ever changing rules and regulations of the private and public providers of non medical and medical health services.

Non medical and medical home care services businesses have grown at a rapid pace since 1998 to keep up with the demand.   One leading non medical companionship service franchiser, franchise,  are expecting to open between 40 to 60 non medical companionship franchised locations in 2007.

According to U.S. GAO office, there are currently 36 million baby boomers and over the next few decades the numbers are projected to be 70 million plus baby boomers.  As of now 12 millions Americans require some type of non medical and medical home health care services and as many as 6 out of every 10 Americans have family members or friends that are needing the assistance of non medical and medical homecare.  According to AARP, 8 our 10 Americans prefers homecare services versus going to a long term convalescent home.  Personal caregivers jobs are expected to increase as well with growth of the non medical and medical home healthcare service business industry. The need of increase training for the personal giver will be a must because the clients needs are getting more complex and the desire for majority of non medical and medical clients to stay home.

A leading  non medical home healthcare company in Ohio has a system wide sales of $4 million in 2000, now the projected sales in 2007 will reach $250 million.


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