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Start A Nursing Agency Registry Business Program,  ISBN: 0-9743216-0-5 Updated for 2007

Some nursing agencies are hiring, recruiting, sponsoring and recruiting foreign nurses

The nursing shortage crisis has reach a calamity level where hiring foreign nurses from different countries such as the Philippines, India, Russia, and many more third world countries is not an option anymore. It has become a normal practice for a lot of US and Canadian healthcare facilities such as nursing agencies, hospitals, nursing homes, medical clinics, and rehabilitation centers. Because of this nursing shortage, foreign and american nursing students have become a hot commodity. Nurses have more negotiating power over their employers and a lot of them have become a self employed nurses, eliminating the middleman. Registered nurses are treated somewhat differently by US Immigration because of the nursing shortage. Hiring, petitions, and recruitment of foreign nurses have become a problem for hospitals, nursing homes, medical facilities therefore most facilities have outsource these hiring, petitioning, and recruiting of nurses to nursing employment agencies.


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